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Q: Can I change my number plate after I’ve made a booking?

A. If you need to change a vehicle number plate on a booking, you can do so easily by contacting us through the live chat function found on the homepage.
It is important that the number plate on your booking matches the vehicle number plate that enters the car park as we scan plates to verify a booking. If you would prefer, you can edit your number plate yourself at parkthecarhere.com/YourOrders/CWG.aspx.

Q: Will my booking be refunded?

A. Your booking will not be refunded. Should the competition session be cancelled or re-scheduled, you will be refunded in full. Please note that the cost of the booking in all other circumstances is non-refundable.

Q: I am a Blue Badge spectator and am experiencing technical difficulties booking online

A. If you have accessible needs and are experiencing technical difficulties using our service, please telephone 01216 611150 for further assistance.

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